All About Breastfeeding Podcast; April 28, 2020: I was a guest on Lori Isenstadt’s encouraging, illuminating show. We discussed the intersection of breastfeeding and perinatal mood disorders, and my debut book, When Postpartum Packs a Punch. As Lori rightly points out, too often new moms who want to nurse receive wrong information about medication and safety. Abruptly halting breastfeeding can be harmful to a mother’s mental health.

The Family Institute, Chicago; May 11, 2018: I was a guest on TFI’s new podcast, Let’s Talk. I talked with Nikki Lively, clinical director of the Transitions to Parenthood Program, about my experience of postpartum depression and anxiety, what I learned while writing my first book, and how parents can heal from trauma.

Mom & Mind Podcast; May 7, 2018: I appeared on Dr. Katayune Kaeni’s groundbreaking show focused on maternal mental health. We discussed birth-related injuries, mental and physical trauma, and how new parents can heal from postpartum complications.

Mind of Her Own podcast, April 2018: Having a baby is supposed to be joyful, but what if it’s not? I shared my experience of birth trauma and postpartum depression with host Julie Trites, a perinatal mental health advocate in Canada.

Northwestern University’s Alumni Association, Nov. 1, 2017: I led a webinar, Minefields of the Mind, about trauma and its impact on our mental health.

The Sue Atkins Show, October 2017: U.K. parenting expert Sue Atkins discussed my book on her weekly radio show, and encouraged parents to talk about mental health, and seek help if they need it.

Motherhood Radio, Aug. 30, 2017: Dr. Christina Hibbert, psychologist, author, and motherhood expert, interviewed me about mental health for new parents. We talked about the role of trauma as a trigger in mood disorders, dads’ mental health, the stigma associated with depression and anxiety, and what the U.S. is doing to improve care for new moms and dads.

Fathers Reaching Out, spring 2017: One of Europe’s leading mental-health advocates, Mark Williams, interviewed me about my book shortly after it was released. We talked about trauma and how men are affected by postpartum mood disorders.