When Postpartum Packs a Punch Celebrates One Year; Gathers Wide Praise

My first book, When Postpartum Packs a Punch: Fighting Back and Finding Joy, recently celebrated one year at market. A personal account of my encounter with postpartum depression, and revelatory of other parents’ journeys through perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, it’s gathered praise from the parents, experts,

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Dads and Motherless Daughters

I’ve had my dad for 44 years. Because my mom’s been gone for 29 of those years, that length of time has been important to me in unique ways. He’s not perfect. But he’s been present and available for my entire life. He’s had to be dad

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Suicide Isn’t Selfish

This morning I’m sipping tea from my wedding china: the sleek-and-elegant Noel Alabaster, designed by the late Kate Spade. News outlets were quick to tell us she ended her life. It’s easy, in the wake of suicide, to look for explanations and labels, to tie things up

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Six True Sentences

Ernest Hemingway wrote his so-called six true sentences while living in Paris in the 1920s, and  dubbed them Paris 1922. His first wife, Hadley, lost the originals, but he later recreated them. Hemingway was a journalist before he wrote fiction. If you look closely, you can see

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How Do U.S. Schools Help International Students Launch Their Futures?

By Kristina Cowan Regina Ye comes by her entrepreneurial spirit naturally. Her parents, both entrepreneurs in China, modeled it for her when she was a child. Curious, creative, and well-traveled, Ye has long brimmed with different ideas. Thanks to her studies at Mount Holyoke College in South

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A Classical Education: For the Mind—and the Heart

For the last eight years, Naperville, a southwest suburb of Chicago, has been home. My husband and I moved here when our son, Noah, was 6 months old. We picked Naperville because of its reputation: it’s built around families, and the schools are excellent. My K-12 education

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How Journalism Can Defuse the Shame of Mental Illness

Coverage of maternal mental health seems to be increasing.   I was surprised to find this story while flipping through the latest issue of Vogue magazine. That a publication dedicated to couture and beauty has delved into a gritty topic beyond the comfort zone of at least

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Book Review: Lilac Girls

A friend of mine and I recently launched a book club. We’re a small band of readers bent on sharing our perspectives on excellent literature. Our first title is Lilac Girls, Martha Hall Kelly’s debut novel. It’s a brilliant work. Bravo to Kelly for her extensive research.

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Finding God in My Postpartum Fire

*This originally appeared on Risen Motherhood on Jan. 18, 2018. **Trigger alert: This article contains references to intrusive images, and may not be suitable for some suffering with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. The birth of our babies—especially our first—is supposed to be magical. We expect a

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Home for Christmas

Chicago is my home. I wasn’t born here, but I’m from here. Usually, where we’re from means where we were born. But that’s not the case for everyone. It’s not for me. Home is the place that shapes and influences us more than anywhere else. It’s a

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