I’m working on a book proposal and looking for potential sources to interview. My proposal is focused on women who have brutal first brushes with motherhood. That includes anything along the lines of:

  • a difficult pregnancy or complicated birth
  • postpartum depression/anxiety, postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder, postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • baby/mom falling sick after the pregnancy

The second point I’m exploring is: What got you through it? Friends? Family? Faith? All or none of the above?

I grew interested in this topic after my son was born in early 2009, and I experienced some of the things I mentioned above. My experiences sparked in me a desire to shed more light on an often-untouched subject, and thereby help women at a very vulnerable time.

Society often paints the life of a first-time mom as blissful. The demands placed upon her by others, and by herself, can add to the stress. Yet there’s hope. Women overcome the trials, develop stronger character, and are better moms in the long run. For some women, friends and family are key. Some rely on their faith. Others find therapists helpful.

I’d love to hear from any mom willing to share her story and be transparent. I’ve set up an initial survey on Survey Monkey, at this link:

If you experienced the things I mentioned above, could you fill out the survey? If you don’t fit my demographic, but you know someone who does, could you forward my query to them, along with the survey?

If you’d rather contact me directly, I’m reachable at [email protected].

Thank you!
Kristina Cowan
Freelance journalist

  1. I have three kids. preclamcia with my first along with breast feeding issues and then postpartum depression. This was the worst thing ever and then I went on to have two more kids. I have still had breast feeding issues and scares along the way. Why do women feel they need to keep secret about motherhood hardships? I find it beneficial to tell my story. Thanks for writing!

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