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An Icon of the True

Last week I attended the Writing for the Soul (WftS) conference in Colorado Springs, Colo. Every year Jerry B. Jenkins and his Christian Writers Guild convene a group of writers, from the very accomplished to beginners. The point is to educate, encourage and empower writers who are

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Raising Children is Like Writing Stories

Some days I’m swallowed by a sea of diapers, dishes and laundry. When I wake and before slumbering, I pump extra breast milk, lulled by the pump’s monotonous whoosh-puff. Until my husband interrupts my stupor. He moos like a cow. The stale joke makes me bristle. I

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I Write, Therefore I Am

In his book Writing for the Soul, Jerry B. Jenkins mentions a category of writers who write because they can’t not write. I’m one of them. If I’m not working on a writing project, my soul begins to fester. Writing is what drives me and helps me

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A Conversation with Jerry Jenkins

Last week Jerry Jenkins, the best-selling author, paid a visit to my writing-critique group. Jenkins, who’s penned more than 175 books, including the Left Behind series, discussed his life and career, and offered insight into what it means to do full-time Christian work–as a writer. His remarks

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