I’ve spent only one day in Antibes, so I can’t fairly answer the question in my headline. Still I pose it, because the weather was volatile during my hours in Antibes. I wonder what it’d be like on a calmer day. The storminess has cast my memory of the place in constant motion–it’s not a still-life recollection, as memories sometimes are. After departing our train from Nice, we headed to the Musée Picasso–only to find it closed. Instead we explored the sea-front. The waves lashed the coast, so I sought shelter and stayed above sea level.

vive le France, (y les etats unis)_Mateo's fotos 802Matt ventured down for a more eye-level experience.

antibes alt_best ofAfterward, we got tea. I didn’t need cream this time–just vapors and honey.

vive le France, (y les etats unis)_Mateo's fotos 813The next day, we were back in Nice. The sea dazzled us with a calmer shade of beauty. vive le France (y les etats unis) 170Nice was the quietest leg of our trip. It reminded me of our time in Greece on our honeymoon. It has the same edge-of-the-world, why-worry-when-you-can-be here, slower-is better qualities.vive le France (y les etats unis) 178If you have the chance to see the Mediterranean from anywhere, especially Nice or Antibes, go. As clergyman and professor Charles Kingsley said, “Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful.  Beauty is God’s handwriting … “

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