My latest book, When Losses Become Legacies: Memoirs on Grief, God, and Glory, is turning one. To celebrate, my co-author, Christy, and I are hosting a print-book giveaway for each of the three weeks starting next Monday, May 8. All of the contests will be open for seven days and center on a theme requesting feedback from readers:

May 8-14, Honoring Mom: Write one sentence that best captures your mom.

May 15-21, Who’s That?: Name the person in an image we share, and explain how he/she is related to Legacies.

May 22-28, Write a Review: If you win, you’ll let us know what you think of Legacies on Amazon or Goodreads. Note: I’ll follow up with you once you’ve read the book, to remind you about the review.

Christy and I will announce the contests on our blogs and social-media channels. Readers should respond directly on our blogs, or at the social-media outlet, such as Instagram or Facebook.

Legacies is a compilation of memoirs that hinges on the soul-stretching power of grief, how it brings us closer to God, and the role it all plays in glory. Find it in print or as an ebook at Amazon, IndieBound, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, select libraries, and at a variety of international stores.


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