Congratulations to the winners of our three giveaways honoring the one-year anniversary of When Losses Become Legacies:

Juli Hawkins won the Mother’s Day giveaway, writing about her mom, “My Mom was strong, loving, always putting us three children ahead of herself, raising us mostly on her own as a single, divorced lady all the while instilling within us God’s grace, mercies, and love.”

Patti Krueger Albright, who correctly identified the young man in the picture we shared of Albrecht Dürer. In 1508, Dürer drew Praying Hands, a piece of art I referred to in one of my essays in Legacies. I included a replica of the original drawing in my essay, thanks to The Albertina Museum in Vienna granting me permission. The Albertina is home to the original.

Angela Liter won the last giveaway, which asks only that she read and review Legacies on Amazon or Goodreads.

Stay tuned for more giveaways later this year. In the meantime, Legacies is available as an ebook and in print through a variety of retailers.



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