In the spirit of news and views worth knowing, I’m launching a new feature on my blog, News You Can Use. I’ll provide roundups of what I see as the most compelling stories, podcast interviews, and other reliable news.

As a former full-time journalist, I’m underwhelmed at how mainstream media has exchanged truth for a leftist, deceptive agenda. This feature is my effort to help raise up independent media who are filling the gap—journalists like Tucker Carlson and Megyn Kelly, outlets like The Daily Wire and The Epoch Times, thought leaders like Charlie Kirk and Dennis Prager, and more.

Without further ado, here’s the January 2024 edition …

Victor Davis Hanson bears witness to America’s downward spiral in his January 8 article, “A Culture in Collapse.” His balanced, unemotional take on current events is thought-provoking. He writes:

“Our descent is self-induced; it is not a symptom of a foreign attack or subterfuge. Our erosion is not the result of poverty and want, but of leisure and excess. We are not suffering from existential crises of famine, plague, or the collapse of our grid and fuel sources. Prior, far poorer, and war-torn generations now seem far better off than what we are becoming.

“What is happening to us is not due to an adherence to a too strict conservative tradition but is almost exclusively the wage of the progressive project.”

Everyone should read Alex Berenson’s piece on the gruesome sex crimes and torture committed by Hamas on October 7. The level of depravity is difficult to grasp, but awareness can stir us to prevent this from happening again to any woman, anywhere.

An overwhelming majority of parents don’t agree with public schools’ far-left transgender advocacy, according to a survey. The Daily Wire covered the results, and how they run counter to what some school districts are doing in Maryland, California, and Virginia. Those districts have trampled on parents’ rights to decide what’s best for their children. But as it turns out, most of us don’t want the government raising our kids.

Mia Schem, a young Israeli woman kidnapped on October 7 and held hostage by Hamas for fifty-five days, gave an account of her captivity to a news outlet in Israel. She spoke of clinging to optimism despite savage conditions, and using her love of cooking to gain the terrorists’ respect—even as she was terrified they would rape her. Schem noted the stark contrast between being treated like a caged animal in Gaza and lauded as a hero once home in Israel, and the guilt that plagues her over the remaining hostages. Since her release, she has suffered from epileptic seizures. Neither she nor anyone in her family has a history of epilepsy. Her condition is believed to have been triggered by the subhuman conditions of captivity.

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