The week before Christmas, my son and I attended America Fest (AmFest) in Phoenix. Sponsored by Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point and geared toward young and rising voters, it was four days of inspiration. We heard from the best and brightest thinkers and leaders, and interacted with authors and others dedicated to securing America’s future.

The Turning Point conference drew 14,000 people from all fifty states and fifteen countries: babies, teenagers, and college students; moms, dads, and grandparents. Many teenagers and young adults who lead Turning Point chapters filled the cavernous convention center.

While ordering takeout from one of our hotel restaurants, we glimpsed Eric Metaxas and his wife dining with a group. The next day, we passed his booth as he recorded an interview with Mike Lindell, and he spoke that evening at a church service.

One night, we crossed paths with the great Larry Elder in our hotel lobby. He was gracious to talk and take pictures with us.

Packed as the speakers’ lineup was, we managed to see most, but not all (everything was recorded, thankfully). The opening was exceptional. Everyone who followed was uniquely brilliant. Aside from Elder and Metaxas, a few presenters were Brandon Tatum, Benny Johnson, Tucker Carlson, Vivek Ramaswamy, Dennis Prager, Riley Gaines, and Yeonmi Park.

Park, who escaped North Korea at age 13, delivered my favorite line of the conference. When asked for one response to leftist protesters on college campuses professing hatred of America, she said: “The border is open. Go to North Korea.”

Yeonmi Park

Tucker Carlson packed the convention center.

A panel on the border crisis was riveting. Discussion opens a little after a minute into the video.

Please watch and share, and stay tuned for more about the conference!

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