In March, leaked files revealed gender ideologues at the helm of the biggest transgender health-care group in the world, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. According to the New York Post, WPATH pushes “hormonal and surgical transitions for minors, including stomach-wrenching experimental procedures designed to create sexless bodies that resemble department-store mannequins.” Though the group flouts concerns about whether minors can consent to such procedures, “WPATH members privately acknowledge [they] often have devastating and permanent side effects.”

War correspondent and author Douglas Murray has received the Alexander Hamilton Award from the Manhattan Institute. He dedicated it to Israel and Israelis of every age. Since shortly after 10/7, he’s been on the front lines of the war against Hamas. His acceptance speech is one of the best on Israel and its critical battle.

Lest we forget, 10/7 was a genocide against Israel. The fools on U.S. college campuses flip the truth when they suggest Israel is committing genocide. Their grasp of history, if it exists, is convoluted. Murray wrote a piece about those college students calling for “intifada,” and why their ignorance is dangerous.

Israel fights not just for its existence, but for all mankind. If Israel loses, it’ll be a global defeat. As Murray noted in his speech, Hamas has been clear about what they’ll do if allowed to succeed. They seek to brutalize, murder, and plunder all Jews, Christians, and anyone else who won’t bow to their savagery. “They don’t hide it at all. We’re merely stupid in not believing them,” Murray said.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, known for monitoring hate groups, has morphed into an entity that smears good people, according to John Stossel. In an episode of Stossel TV,* he examines how the SPLC branded as “haters” individuals like Ayaan Hirsi Ali. A Somali-born author, activist for women’s and girls’ rights, and atheist-turned-Christian, Hirsi Ali has spoken against radical Islam.

In another case, the center named the Family Research Council a hate group, spurring a man to attempt to kill people at FRC’s headquarters. Stossel notes, “I suspect the center keeps its hate list long because that brings in lots of money.”

It tags other groups as anti-government extremists for opposing sexually explicit content in schools. Somehow, Antifa isn’t on their list. “The center’s become a hate group itself,” Stossel says.

*The news in this episode from July 2023 is evergreen.

Those committed to truth, justice, and logic recognized the New York trial as a political maneuver void of a crime. In a National Review piece, Andrew McCarthy distills the trial and its implications. “The DA did not so much find a crime as manufacture one,” he writes. He breaks down the actions of Judge Juan Merchan and explains why “the jury instructions were a road map to conviction.”

His conclusion well summarizes the grim repercussions, and why every American should care:

“Manifestly, the point of the prosecution was to enable Joe Biden to call his opponent a convicted felon from now through November 5. If you think this was a one-off, you’ve not only missed the last 15 years of what passes for law enforcement under both the progressive-prosecutor project in America’s big blue cities and—for most of that time—Democratic Party control of the Justice Department. You’ve missed over a century of American legal devolution, during which the law was reimagined into an extortionate weapon of social ‘progress,’ due process devolved into punitive process, and bad precedents were inevitably exploited into monstrous precedents.

“What happened in Manhattan was monstrous. The fallout is the antithesis of a constitutional republic that presumes innocence, imposes the burden of proof on the state, venerates its due-process rules, and guarantees equal protection of law. The antithesis is now the norm. Regardless of what happens to Donald Trump, all of us will live to regret it.”

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