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Vancouver the Beautiful

If you’re a parent who works from home, summer and work-productivity are antonyms. I finally figured that out this year, around early July. When my family and I skipped town on a vacation to British Columbia, I switched off my email and social media for 10 days.

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You Can Go Home Again

It’s been almost a decade since I left the East Coast. Mostly, I don’t miss it. That is, until I fall back into the rhythm unique to the corridor between D.C. and Boston. I had a chance to do that on a recent trip to Philadelphia, to

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The Marvel of Mont Saint-Michel

Ahead of daylight on a chilly October morning, we stirred, shuffled into a boulangerie for a petit déjeuner, and caught a tour bus from Paris to Normandy. I slumbered on the several-hour journey. When I woke, this was my view: A dream on a hill–otherwise called Mont-Saint

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Streetside, Paris

The most famous places in Paris–like Le Tour Eiffel and the Arc De Triomphe–are stunning. On any given street, there’s a line of uncommon beauty, too. Symmetrical bliss in design and layout. An eye-catcher in the distance. The city bears the scent of perfume, Vespa fumes and

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A Month in France

I miss France. I’ve never lived there, I can barely scrape together enough French for a sensible sentence—let alone match the language’s dreamy lilt. I’ve only passed through on trips, mostly for pleasure, and once on the tail-end of a business trip. Not nearly as put-together as

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